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October 03, 2021

Winner of the IDAHO PRIZE FOR POETRY 2021

Lost Horse Press is delighted to announce the winner of the Idaho Prize for Poetry 2021—selected by final judge Ilya Kaminsky—is Lisa Allen Ortiz’s STEM.

Ilya Kaminsky’s comment about Lisa’s manuscript:

“Beautiful manuscript of lyrical poems that surprise as much as they they tell the truth about one’s day, one’s life. There is honesty here that isn’t flat, doesn’t tractor over the reader, but uplifts one, helps to get through the day. This honesty isn’t in any way confessional, unless by confessional we mean a voice of an earthling sharing what it means to be alive on this planet here, today. This is a terrific book of poems.”

The Finalist is Steven Gehrke’s VISITATION. Ilya Kaminsky’s remark about that manuscript: “There is a large voice in this book, one that is able to tell a story of a life, of a time period, of true hardships, without hesitation, and without imposition, but straightforwardly and with a dance of lyric asides. There is grief here, and tenderness. There is wisdom.”

The Runner-Up is Sam Magavern’s LOOSE CHANGE, about which Ilya writes: “The play, the wit, and knowledge of these poems touched me, and I am grateful for the chance to have read them. There is a beautiful mind that moves these lines, that plays and is often astonished by what that play brings forth. The reader, too, is astonished.”

Lost Horse Press congratulates Lisa Allen Ortiz and the finalists, and sends a hearty Thank You our dedicated, long-time first reader Jackson Holbert, and to final judge, Ilya kaminsky. Thank you as well to all who submitted to the Idaho Prize for Poetry 2021. Congratualtions!