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July 18, 2014

Winner of the Idaho Prize for Poetry 2014 Announced!

The winner of the Idaho Prize for Poetry 2014 is Jeff Baker of Charlottesville, VA with his manuscript WHOOP AND SHUSH. Runner up is Paul Martin of Allentown, PA with his manuscript entitled RIVER SCAR.

“Under the spell of the language and its restless repetitions and rhythms, these poems surprise with unexpected turns and shifts, associations and speculations. Jeff Baker reminds us that it is words that beget the whoop and shush of worlds, and sing us back into the strangeness of being.”

—Dorianne Laux

The winner is being announced a full month ahead of schedule this year, thanks to our expeditious final judge Dorianne Laux, and first readers, Katie Pfalzgraff and Jackson Holbert. Congratulations to Jeff Baker, Paul Martin, all the finalists. A hearty thanks to final judge Dorianne Laux, our astute first readers, and to all who submitted their manuscripts to the Idaho Prize for Poetry. Write on!


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About Jeff Baker:

Jeff Baker grew up in Smokey Branch, Tennessee. He earned an MFA from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop in 1999. Recently, his poems have appeared in Cutbank, Fascicle, American Letters & Commentary, and The Southeast Review. He lives and works in Charlottesville, Virginia.