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Where We Arrive
MOUNTAIN & FLOWER: Selected Poems of Mykola Vorobiov  •  Translated from the Ukrainian by Maria G. Rewakowicz
September 01, 2020

The winner of the Idaho Prize for Poetry 2020 is . . .

The winner of the Idaho Prize for Poetry 2020 is Mark Neely with his manuscript entitled Ticker.

Mark Neely’s third collection, Ticker, follows the life of its main character, Bruce, as he navigates marriage, children, aging parents, politics, race, religion, global catastrophe, and the irrelevance of middle age. Throughout the book the dueling voices in Bruce’s head—which range from comic to bitter to revelatory—compete for control of his inner life. The poems range from formal to freewheeling, showcasing a unique and essential voice in American poetry.

Mark Neely is the author of Beasts of the Hill and Dirty Bomb, both from Oberlin College Press. His awards include an NEA Poetry Fellowship, an Indiana Individual Artist grant, the FIELD Poetry Prize, and the Concrete Wolf Chapbook prize for Four of a Kind. He is a professor of English at Ball State University and a senior editor at River Teeth: a Journal of Nonfiction Narrative. More about him, including links to his writing, can be found at


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Lost Horse Press thanks all poets for their particiaption and submissions to the Idaho Prize for Poetry 2020. A hearty congratualtions to the finalists and winner Mark Neely. And, a robust thank you to final judge, Jackson Holbert, a gifted writer and a diligent, brilliant editor to Lost Horse Press. Congratulations!