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May 19, 2012

Recent Release: Christopher Howell’s Just Waking, Second Edition

Lost Horse Press is pleased to announce the release of the Second Edition of Christopher Howell’s 2004 collection of poems, Just Waking.

Christopher Howell’s poems rely on a redeeming darkness to bring themselves into the world. Through meditative, short lyrics, and an eerily quiet approach, Howell redefines the place of the self in a poem. These deceptively triumphant views of discovery and survival arrive in a place that welcomes us as both witnesses and participants.

—The Bloomsbury Review

It is a great pleasure, once again, to listen to the particular play of Christopher Howell’s mind, his elegant rhythms and graceful rhetoric; and, beside all that craftsmanship and intelligence, how good to encounter that lovely eye for flesh, for the succulent things of this world.

—Patricia Goedicke

Once I began reading Just Waking, I had to read it straight through, late into the night. I had a growing need to experience the way these poems and their many voices move into the world of things and people and ghosts and ideas, with this speculative intelligence, this tender and sometimes comic discourse that by so loving a sense of what is beautiful in being alive always achieves the condition of music. I just didn’t want the book to end.

—Bill Tremblay

Just Waking is Christopher Howell’s seventh collection of poems. His poems, essays, and translations have appeared in a number of anthologies and journals, including Antioch Review, Crazy Horse, Colorado Review, Denver Quarterly, Field, Gettysburg Review, Harper’s, Hudson Review, Iowa Review, Northwest Review, and Volt. He has been recipient of three Pushcart Prizes and two National Endowment fellowships, as well as a number of other awards. Born in Oregon, he lives now in Spokane, Washington, where he teaches at Eastern Washington University’s Inland NW Center for Writers and directs Lynx House Press.