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October 25, 2014

Lynx House Press and Lost Horse Press create new imprint: LHP²

Lynx House Press and Lost Horse Press, both small, active, literary presses based in the Inland Northwest, have discovered that their missions are much the same: to publish the highest quality poetry and literary fiction in editions that are above trade standard in design and to achieve for these books the widest possible circulation and cultural impact.

Lynx House Press and Lost Horse Press are joining forces to produce books together. We’ve long worked together on the editing and design of books, now we’ve created a new imprint—LHP²—in order to celebrate our long affiliation, attention to detail that both presses are respected for, and camaraderie of our two presses. We believe this is the best solution to today’s challenging publishing atmosphere. The terrific results of our collaboration suggest a model that other small presses might consider.

In the coming months, look for our combined efforts under a new imprint: LHP².

Here’s our first collaboration:



Christine Holbert

Christopher Howell