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March 31, 2014

Lost Horse Press to create literary center

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LOST HORSE PRESS is moving ahead with plans to create a literary center on the 12 acres on which the Press is located east of Sandpoint, Idaho. On this site is a 3600 square foot studio, unfinished, that houses the offices of the press, storage for books, a print room for an 1897 letterpress owned by the Press, as well as space for workshops and readings. The studio is unfinished because work was not completed by an unscrupulous contractor, who, when he lost the lawsuit brought against him, declared bankruptcy, and never completed his work nor paid the fine stipulated by the courts. The lawsuit and subsequent dealings with the contractor were so difficult that the project has been on hold for several years. I now believe the time is right to bring to fruition the original plans.

LOST HORSE PRESS is seeking a writer/poet/carpenter who is interested in living on site to carry on the completion of the studio, eventually staying on to teach and work at the literary center. The candidate must have previous building experience and be able to bring a building project to completion. Please be ready to submit references detailing your experience in carpentry and writing.

Immediately, grants must be obtained, construction must be completed, and a plan for a literary center and/or writers’ retreat needs to be formalized.  Money for the completion of the project will be obtained through grants, fundraising, and selling off of existing assets.

If this sounds like a project you might be interested in becoming involved with for the long term, please contact Christine Holbert at to set up an interview or to request additional information.