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October 27, 2013

Lost Horse Press and Willow Springs Editions: A Collaboration

Lost Horse Press will collaborate with Eastern Washington University’s Willow Springs Editions to publish the annual Spokane Prize for Short Fiction, a book contest administered by MFA creative writing students.

Willow Springs Editions is a small literary press housed at Eastern Washington University’s Inland Northwest Center for Writers, in Spokane. The staff of Willow Springs Editions is comprised mostly of MFA creative writing students under the direction of poet Christopher Howell and publisher Christine Holbert, founding director of Lost Horse Press. As part of an internship for which they receive graduate credit, students gets hands-on experience in every phase of the publishing process, from acquisitions to editing, design and production, promotions and marketing.

Willow Springs Editions staff administers the annual Spokane Prize for Short Fiction competition, and, under the auspices of the Acme Poem Company, also selects and publishes each year one chapbook of contemporary surrealist poetry. Lost Horse Press oversees the design and typesetting process, assists with promotions and marketing, and distributes the final product through its own website and via our distributor, the University of Washington Press.