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In Memory of a Banyan Tree: Poems of the Outside World: 1985 to 2022
Three Wooden Trunks
The Country Where Everyone’s Name Is Fear: Selected Poems
Though Silence: The Ling Wei Texts  
  Christopher Howell

ISBN 978-0-9668612-2-8 (Cloth)
978-0-9668612-1-1 (Paper)    
$23.95 (Cloth)
12.95 (Paper)     
6 x 8       

80 pp      
PUB DATE: 1999       Poetry


Each of us early in life has an imaginary friend, one we makeup, that no religion has invented first. It is a pleasure, not a strain, to believe in Christopher Howell’s Ling Wei—this shared friend of ours. We won’t get tired of listening to his life and insights, the round and wavy way he speaks the truth. Ling Wei and his creator are powerful poets.

—Sandra McPherson


In his Ling Wei poems Christopher Howell joins his command of meditative tone with lyric narratives and brilliant visual imagery. The result is a stunning new sequence of poems.

—Joseph Langland


Slip this book into your backpack this summer. You’ll find yourself sitting up late at night, discussing with Ling Wei the origin of the stars, where the moon hides during the day (in the snows of mountain peaks, a child once told me), and the sound of rain on a worn path. The sumptuous madness of Ling Wei might even rub off on you . . .

—John Bradley

About the Author

Christopher Howell

Christopher Howell's seven collections of poems include the recent Memory and Heaven from Eastern Washington University Press. He has received fellowships from the Oregon Arts Commission, the Massachusetts Council for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts. His poems have appeared in such journals as Antioch Review, Colorado Review, Field, Harper's, Iowa Review, North American Review, Poetry Northwest, and Gettysburg Review, and have twice been awarded the Pushcart Prize. He has taught at Colorado State University, Willamette University, Whitman College, Emporia State University, and Oregon State University, and teaches now in the Master of Fine Arts Program in Creative Writing at Eastern Washington University where he edits the semi-annual journal Willow Springs. Since 1975 he has been director and principal literary editor for Lynx House Press.