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In Memory of a Banyan Tree: Poems of the Outside World: 1985 to 2022
Three Wooden Trunks
The Country Where Everyone’s Name Is Fear: Selected Poems
The Clouds of Lucca  
  D.S. Butterworth

ISBN 978-0-9911465-7-4     $18  /  $21 (Canada)     6 x 9       

108 pp      
PUB DATE: Sept 2014       Poetry



In The Clouds of Lucca, encounters with diverse cultures and the unknown lay bare the tension and beauty of human experience by mapping out the range of feeling and understanding of which we are capable. Driven by lyrical voice and attention to the kaleidoscopic particulars, these poems trace the imagination’s imprinting of meaning on the given world. This book explores the interplay of mind and world, of self and society, and of past and present through the lenses of travel, cultural artifact, and the crises forged by our achievement of understanding and our persistent blindness. The Clouds of Lucca crafts an appreciation for the beauty of culture’s broken wonders within an awareness that it is futile to resist change within the weather of time.

About the Author

D.S. Butterworth

D. S. Butterworth grew up in Seattle and attended Western Washington University in Bellingham. He earned an M.A. and PhD in English literature at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Throughout these years he pulled graveyard shift in a cannery, unloaded fishing boats, worked crab lines, taught at a school for dyslexic children, and spent a summer on a fire lookout tower in the Cascade Mountains. He taught as a lecturer at Chapel Hill and spent four years teaching at Morehead State University in eastern Kentucky. He currently teaches literature and creative writing at Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington. He has taught in Study Abroad programs in Zambia and Italy where he was a regular contributor to The Florence Newspaper. Algonquin Books published his creative non-fiction book, Waiting for Rain: A Farmer’s Story. His poetry and fiction have appeared in magazines including Arcadia, The Baltimore Review, Cascadia Review, The Copperfield Review, Cream City Review, The Wisconsin Review, Amoskeag, The Louisville Review, The Portland Review, The Alaska Quarterly Review, The Santa Clara Review, The Midwest Quarterly Review, Rock and Sling, and Willow Springs. Lost Horse Press published his poetry book, The Radium Watch Dial Painters, a finalist for the Washington State Book Awards.



We know things by their absence, warmth
by absence, love. We understand openings

by closing them, as with your eyes smoothing
the distances. We remember by shuttling images

along a wick, the machine of stars running
blood along a finger’s touch. We measure

fullness by a bowl’s brimming, time by
dust gathering on the face of a watch,

distance by how helpless words become.
And then it’s as if the world sheds its clothing

and it is no longer October or November,
just some remote cast off planet turning

its engine over and over in some corner
of particularity where we find ourselves

at the end of something
as cold spills through the window
into a small bright cup.

© Copyright 2014 by D.S. Butterworth