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In Memory of a Banyan Tree: Poems of the Outside World: 1985 to 2022
Three Wooden Trunks
The Country Where Everyone’s Name Is Fear: Selected Poems
  Kathryn Hunt

ISBN 978-1-7364323-0-3     $18  /  $21 (Canada)     5.5 x 8.5"       

96 pp      
PUB DATE: September 2021       Book Release Featured Poetry


SEED WHEEL grows from the austere and ardent beauty of the seasons. Here, the past and the present abide, as intimate as rain, as lucid as a stone. The poems are drenched in silence and wonderment, miseries and mysteries, and the stubborn cargo of our collective and individual histories. In a world steeped in limbic quarrel, these poems testify to the power of language to reach across imposing boundaries, enter the public square, and sing.

About the Author

Kathryn Hunt

Kathryn Hunt makes her home on the coast of the Salish Sea. Her poems have appeared in The Sun, Radar, Orion, Missouri Review, Carolina Quarterly, and Narrative. Her first collection of poems Long Way Through Ruin was published by Blue Begonia Press. She is the recipient of residencies and awards from Ucross, Artists Trust, and Joya AIR (Spain). She made documentary films for many years. Her film No Place Like Home premiered at the Venice Film Festival in Italy. She’s worked as a waitress, shipscaler, short-order cook, bookseller, printer, food bank coordinator, filmmaker, and freelance writer.