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The Country Where Everyone’s Name Is Fear: Selected Poems


THIS DREAM THE WORLD: New & Selected Poems

by Carolyne Wright

This Dream the World: New & Selected Poems brings together the most powerful and resonant poems of Carolyne Wright’s books and chapbooks to date—from the lyrical mapping of inner life and the human nexus in Stealing the Children (1978); to poems of witness set in Allende’s Chile and in Brasil under military dictatorship in Seasons of Mangoes and Brainfire (2005); to the adventures of an audacious, bodacious, ‘gregarious loner’ alter-ego featured in Mania Klepto: The Book of Eulene (2011); to the new poems of “Mute Sister,” a sequence.


by Melissa Kwasny

These thirty-seven poems are eccentric in the true meaning of the word—off-center. Their titles, bearing the names of weeds, flowers, herbs, trees, are merely points of departure. “How hard can it be,” the poet asks, “to lie down in the green / mussed bed of the senses . . . In clover.” Whether it’s clover or rue, aspen or moss, the reader is invited into that rumpled but rich bed.

—Maxine Kumin

Though Silence: The Ling Wei Texts

by Christopher Howell

Slip this book into your backpack this summer. You’ll find yourself sitting up late at night, discussing with Ling Wei the origin of the stars, where the moon hides during the day (in the snows of mountain peaks, a child once told me), and the sound of rain on a worn path. The sumptuous madness of Ling Wei might even rub off on you . . .

—John Bradley

Though the Walls Are Lit poems by Emily Holt

by Emily Holt

Though the Walls Are Litconsiders the Irish tradition of hunger strikes and vocal lament. Weaving together hymns, canticles, and blues riffs, Holt configures the page as a threshold where poet and stranger may meet in protest and supplication.


by Mark Neely

Winner of the Idaho Prize for Poetry 2020

“Ticker contains almost everything—religion, calamity, politics, race, love, children, the Challenger disaster, Taco Bell, Oliver North, CVS, a main character named Bruce.”

To Love That Well: New & Selected, 1954 – 2013

by Robert Pack

One of America’s most revered nature poets, Robert Pack has won the acclaim of critics throughout his long career. This collection—To Love That Well: New and Selected Poems, 1954 – 2013—reprises many of his best known poems, both lyric and narrative, comic and meditative. The poems dramatize and reflect upon Pack’s sense of mortality and loss, his cherishing of friends, family, and the natural world, and the power of poetic art to celebrate the pleasures that open to our senses and our imaginings.


by Renée Rossi

“Triage is a haunted and compelling collection, a superb debut.”

—David Wojahn, author of Interrogation Palace: New & Selected Poems 1982–2004


by Paulann Petersen

As with a forest’s understory—the level of vegetation growing under its canopy—these poems bear the shadows of a darker realm. Informed by myth and archetype, Paulann Petersen’s work grows close to the earth, frequently delving into the chthonic. Occasioned by a wide geography and characterized by a large embrace, Petersen’s writing celebrates both the singular and the quotidian, both the sidereal and the earth-bound.

VOTIVES: Selected Poems from the Literary Remains

by Kuno Raeber

Chosen from among Kuno Raeber’s extensive literary remains and arranged thematically, these poems plumb the depths of his spiritual and cultural heritage emanating from ancient worlds, by means of exact descriptions of everyday life that open up into imaginary landscapes.

Walking Distance

by Michael Heffernan

Michael Heffernan has sustained and amplified a poetry of real intelligence, technical precision, and acoustic splendor. He is sure-footed in his craft enough to let imagination run and leap and dance.

—Thomas Lynch, on The Back Road to Arcadia