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Of a Monstrous Child: An Anthology of Creative Relationships  
  edited by Nate Liederbach & James Harris

ISBN 978-0-9844510-4-3     $24.00  /  $26.00 (Canada)     5.5 x 8.5       

424 pp      
PUB DATE: Feb 2011       Anthology


Unlike many anthologies, the focus of this collection is not on its contributors’ individual pieces, but the relationships between its featured authors. Assembled as organically as possible, these poets and prosists have partnered themselves—as mentor and mentee—in an exchange of introductions and creative works. From widely celebrated writers to, in some cases, their just-emerging counterparts,Of a Monstrous Child shows what grows amid, among and beyond the placing of words on a page. By providing glimpses into the reality that writing is anything but a lonesome and isolating craft, this simple anthology displays the vigor, tradition, aspiration, and the often-shared uncertainty, of creative writing as community act.

Contributors include: Ryan Boudinot & Rick Moody, Grace Bauer & Zachary Schomburg, Diana Joseph & Melanie Rae Thon, Amy Hempel & Samuel Ligon, Lee Ann Roripaugh & Pen Pearson, Frank Soos & David Crouse, Robin Hemley & Contessa Riggs, George Looney & Art Zilleruelo, Elizabeth Stuckey-French & Dawn Pichón Barron, Samara Seibel & Gillian Conoley, Brian Evenson & Alan Tinkler, Christopher John Williams & Leslie Woodard, Derick Burleson & Robert Wrigley.

About the Author

edited by Nate Liederbach & James Harris

Nate Liederbach is the author of the short prose collection Doing a Bit of Bleeding (Ghost Road Press). His stories and essays have received awards from Atlantic Monthly, Playboy Magazine, Mississippi Review, and Oregon Quarterly.

James Harris is a graduate of the University of Alaska Fairbanks MFA Program where he served as Managing Editor of Permafrost Literary Review. He received the Collegiate Scholarship to the New York State Summer Writers Institute and his stories have received multiple awards including Playboy Magazine’s College Fiction Contest and The Farthest North Fiction Contest.

This anthology? If anything, if nothing, an exaltation of writing and teaching and corresponding as something larger than the individuals involved—larger, but not separate or external.

—Nate Liederbach

I would not consider Of a Monstrous Child to be a comfortable anthology. Relationships between writers or poets and their mentors are just as inherently awkward, uncomfortable, and potentially painful as the relationships between writers or poets and their work. It is because of this, and in spite of this, that these relationships are not only among the most significant of our careers and lives, but also contribute to the production of some of our most significant works.

—James Harris