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MOUNTAIN AND FLOWER Selected Poems of Mykola Vorobiov Translated from the Ukrainian by Maria G Rewakowicz  
  Mykola Vorobiov

ISBN 978-1-7333400-5-2     $20.00  /  $24.00 (Canada)     5.5” x 8.5"       

126 pp      
PUB DATE: September 2020       Featured Poetry


Mountain and Flower is Mykola Vorobiov’s second book in English translation, presenting a selection of poems spanning more than fifty years of his poetic craft. The book begins with early poems from his first collection, Remind Me for the Road, to his most recent works. One of the founding members of the nonconformist literary group known as the Kyiv School of Poetry, early Vorobiov is known for his preoccupation with metaphor and surreal imagery. In his more mature poetry he reveals himself as a master of miniature, with considerable affinity to Japanese haiku where the perception of a fleeting moment constitutes the essence of his poems’ rationale. Nature reigns supreme in Vorobiov’s poetic oeuvre and it provides him with endless opportunity for creating startling images. His intuitive connection to the surrounding environs is so penetrating and organic that his visions, however strange, come across as convincing and justified. There are hardly any references to Ukrainian realities (past or present) in his poetry. Vorobiov’s concerns hover around the issues of existence on all possible levels—plants, animals, humans, inanimate objects, and the universe. The poet is not interested in conveying the past; rather, he trusts his imagination as the ultimate source of creativity. Mountain and Flower attempts to penetrate the invisible that has no beginning and no end, and invites the reader to plunge into this mysterious unknown.

About the Author

Mykola Vorobiov

Vorobiov-e1503179189147Born in central Ukraine in 1941, MYKOLA VOROBIOV is a well-known poet, painter, and one of the founding members of the Kyiv School of Poetry nonconformist literary group. He made his poetry debut in 1962, but after his expulsion from the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv in 1968 for being “ideologically unreliable,” he was no longer permitted to publish. His first poetry collection, Remind Me for the Road, came out only in 1985, after eighteen years of silence. Since then, more than ten volumes of poetry have appeared, including Wild Dog Rose Moon (1992), his first book in English translation. As a painter, Vorobiov has participated in a number of solo and group art shows, mostly in Kyiv. His artistic vision, like his poetry, relies on metaphor, conveying reality through deeply expressive imagery. A recipient of the prestigious 2005 Shevchenko National Prize in Literature, Vorobiov lives in Kyiv, Ukraine.


• • •

we got old and tired . . .
butterflies fluttering above—
only butterflies remain . . .
it’s as if the whole madhouse
was just released . . .

—Mykola Vorobiov