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Where We Arrive
MOUNTAIN & FLOWER: Selected Poems of Mykola Vorobiov  •  Translated from the Ukrainian by Maria G. Rewakowicz
  Svetlana Lavochkina

ISBN 978-1-7333400-4-5
$20 / $24 (Canada)
6” x 9"
134 pp
Pub Date: September 2020
Featured Poetry

Donetsk, the black gem of Ukraine—Eden and Sodom in one, a stew steaming with coal fever, Manifest Destiny of Europe‘s east: the reader is sent onto a double Odyssey of two adventurers, the fiery blacksmith Alexander and the elusive linguist Lisa, whose paths are destined to cross on the cusp of the war in the Donbas. Only one of them fathoms that their encounter goes far beyond its face-value purpose. A thriller, a romance, a CV, a rose of historical winds, a song of crafts, an ontology of Eastern-Ukrainian mind in one, Carbon is told in polyphonic verse—a prayer for the beloved, anguished city, Donetsk.

“The range and velocity of Svetlana Lavochkina’s vision is an astonishing reminder of how chaotic and corrupted the human condition can be. A true and daring feat.”

— Fiona Sampson, MBE, Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature, author of In Search of Mary Shelley

About the Author

Svetlana Lavochkina

SL_PhotoSVETLANA LAVOCHKINA is a Ukrainian-born novelist, poet, and poetry translator, now residing in Leipzig, Germany. Her work has been widely published in the US and Europe, appearing in AGNI, New Humanist, POEM, Witness, Straylight, Circumference, Superstition Review, Fairlight Books, Drunken Boat, and elsewhere. Her novella, Dam Duchess, was chosen runner-up in the Paris Literary Prize. Her critically acclaimed debut novel, Zap, was shortlisted for Tibor & Jones Pageturner Prize, London, and published in German translation by Voland & Quist.


The Battle of Phonemes

The ruthless razor of phonic Occam,
vowel dominas, consonant slave.
Here, in the blind gut of phonic realm,
she-wolves tortured their knave.

The lake rose and fell with the foam of the spit:
dental, strident, astride,
grave and acute, alveolar tide,
mouth gaping, narrowed and slit.

Mute “e,” the mutilated finale of “rape.”
Language Tree burnt down like Phoenix,
labial, dental, prolonged anguished shriek—
tense and lax, fortis and lenis. . . .

—Svetlana Lavochkina