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February 11, 2013

Bruce Holbert Workshop & Reading in Sandpoint

Lost Horse Press is proud to announce a Workshop, Reading & Book Signing by award-winning Northwest novelist Bruce Holbert.

Bruce Holbert’s Workshop, entitled Dialogue & Character, will be held at The Readery in Sandpoint from 11 am until 2 pm. Cost of the Workshop is $40. Please register by calling Lost Horse Press at 208.255.4410. Spaces are limited to eight writers, so please register early.

On 1 June 2013 at 3 in the afternoon, Lost Horse Press and the East Bonner Library District proudly present a reading and book signing by novelist, Bruce Holbert in the Rude Girls Room of the Sandpoint Library. An Afternoon with Bruce Holbert is free and open to all.

Bruce Holbert is a graduate of the University of Iowa Writers Work-shop. His work has appeared in The Iowa Review, Hotel Amerika, Other Voices, The Antioch Review, Crab Creek Review, The West Wind Review, and Cairn. Bruce Holbert grew up at the foot of the Okanogan Mountains. His great-grandfather was an Indian scout and among the first settlers of the Grand Coulee.

In the vein of True Grit and Blood Meridian, Lonesome Animals is a western novel reinvented, a detective story inverted for the west. It con­templates the nature of story and heroism in the face of a collapsing ethos—not only of Native American culture, but also of the first wave of white men who, through the battle against the geography and its indigenous people, guaran­teed their own destruction. But it is also about one man’s urgent, elegiac search for jus­tice amidst the craven acts committed on the edges of civilization.

Lonesome Animals is exhilarating. The dialogue will blow your hair back, the description of land is prose poetry, and the violence is shocking for its intensity and sudden occurrence. This is a study of morality in a world that has lost its morals, a work that transcends its epic story of good versus evil. No character is spared and neither is the reader. Bruce Holbert’s fierce novel will enter the canon as a classic.”

—Chris Offutt, author of Kentucky Straight

For additional information, please contact Christine Holbert at Lost Horse Press at 208.255.4410 or