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August 01, 2012

Forthcoming in September 2012: Shaking the Kaleidoscope poems by Kate Kingston

If Lorca and Neruda spoke through a feminine medium, they might do so through Kate Kingston. Her poems, like theirs, forge thrilling combinations from the colors, textures, and the objects of this world. They speak from the landscapes and voices of Spain and Old Mexico, which clearly have fed her imagination, but they offer, as well, glimpses of a contemporary American woman’s rites of passage now in full possession of her powers of empathy, devotion and perception.

—Leslie Ullman, author of Slow Work through Sand

Kate Kingston’s Shaking the Kaleidoscope invites us in to legendary, multi-hued gardens flooded with Andalusian sun and suffused with the gleam of labyrinthine moons. In these poems, we trace intricate pathways of the imagination traversed by García Lorca and Neruda; but the poet, trusted guide, continually bids us to raise our eyes as well to the rugged contours of mesa, butte, and escarpment—the expansive New World landscapes that extend the numinous power of garden and patio, the incantatory prospects of memory and dream. In these imagistically rich and variegated poems, we dwell in the company of a traveler whose discoveries encompass dimensions both personal and mythic, and whose illuminations dazzle our sensibilities and deepen our intimations of wonder.

—Carolyne Wright, Blue Lynx Prize, American Book Award

This is a poet who can write about the domestic and the cosmic, the micro and macro views of the world. But more than any such analysis indicates, they are good reading, linguistically subtle and interesting, capturing a variety of moods and subjects. This is a voice we will certainly want to hear more of.

—Richard Jackson, author of Resonance

Kate Kingston gives us a world of rare complexity where language and place are a strong part of the poet’s experience. In this “Kaleidoscope” she revisits Lorca’s poems, family memories, Mexican ruins, and even an airplane journey where Kingston asks us to think of “oxygen masks as halos.” Shaking the Kaleidoscope is a dazzling collection of poems.

—Jennifer Clement, President of PEN Mexico