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Where We Arrive
MOUNTAIN & FLOWER: Selected Poems of Mykola Vorobiov  •  Translated from the Ukrainian by Maria G. Rewakowicz

Native American Series

Dragonfly Weather

Lois Red Elk

 With the launch of her new book, Dragonfly Weather, Lois Red Elk proves herself a consummate storyteller. With lyrical words and magical images, she draws the reader into a primeval, watery world of warm swamps, spiraling whirl winds, and fog to experience her journey in time and space. Her dreams, ears, and eyes become attuned to the ancient call of dragonflies, who exhorted her to be “swift in worth,” to “find value” in this new dragonfly season—to “Dance in dragonfly style, dodge dangers thrown / dare a step with lightening strike.” I am grateful to Lois that she has shared these sacred clan stories with us. We’la’lin.

 —Alice M. Azure, Mi’kmaq Métis





Horse Tracks

Henry Real Bird

Henry Real Bird’s poems are of the moment and thus timeless. We look to Henry for a check of the pulse of things coded in words that work to decipher what he often calls “feelings.” But are they more like soundings of the heart and of the earth? And then again are they poems, songs, or prayers? All I know is I’m glad they are preserved. 

—Hal Cannon, Founding Director, Western Folklife Center





Wolf Teeth

Henry Real Bird

The inner heart commotion of Henry Real Bird is poised in a physical and metaphysical terrain marked by the history, culture, language and identity of his Apsaalooke nation. At the same time, no one else contemplates broncs, Chinook winds, the Wolf Teeth Mountains and forgotten creek beds in the way that Real Bird does—his is a careful, astute eye that reminds us again and again of our own interrelation, of our responsibility to all beings, all places that make up our world and beyond.

 —M. L. Smoker, Another Attempt at Rescue