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December 27, 2012

Melissa Kwasny’s new book of essays from Lynx House Press

Earth Recitals, Essays on Image & Vision

 From the Introduction, we learn that “This book consists of eight essays on the life of the image, and its role in visionary experience, through a range of cultural practices, focusing primarily on poetry but including painting, sculpture, and song. It is not meant to be a mapping, however abbreviated or incomplete, of the various appearances of the image in the history of poetry, though it does engage with this history, as well as with contemporary poets, philosophers, archeologists, artists, and cultural critics whose work explores the image and how it might help us to navigate the almost impossibly large subject of the human in relation to the natural world. Instead, in investigating the differences between image and vision, allegory and symbol, the abstract and the concrete, my intention is to explore the question: how might we draw on our encounters, whether we are writers or not, to enlarge our consciousness as human beings, and thus, to live more wholly? . . .”

Melissa Kwasny’s collection of poems, Thistle, won Lost Horse Press’ Idaho Prize for Poetry in 2005 and was released in 2006. Copies of Thistle are available from this website or from our distributor, University of Washington Press.

To order a copy of Earth Recitals, please contact Lynx House Press at or their distributor, University of Washington Press at 800-537-5487.