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NASTY WOMEN POETS: An Unapologetic Anthology of Subversive Verse
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NASTY WOMEN POETS: An Unapologetic Anthology of Subversive Verse  
  Grace Bauer & Julie Kane

ISBN 978-0-9981963-3-6    $24  /  $28 (Canada)    5.5 x 8.5   376 pp   SEPT 2017    Featured Poetry


This timely collection of poems speaks not just to the current political climate and the man who is responsible for its title, but to the stereotypes and expectations women have faced dating back to Eve, and to the long history of women resisting those limitations. The nasty women poets included here talk back to the men who created those limitations, honor foremothers who offered models of resistance and survival, rewrite myths, celebrate their own sexuality and bodies, and the girlhoods they survived. They sing, swear, swagger, and celebrate, and stake claim to life and art on their own terms.

The anthology includes work from Kim Addonizio, Jan Beatty, Kelly Cherry, Annie Finch, Alice Friman, Allison Joseph, Marilyn Kallet, Melissa Kwasny, Shirley Geok-lin Lim, Jessica Mehta, Lesléa Newman, Nuala O’Connor, Alicia Suskin Ostriker, Melinda Palacio, Jennifer Perrine, Marge Piercy, Lucinda Roy, Maureen Seaton, Rochelle Spencer, A.E. Stallings, Stacey Waite, Diane Wakoski, Müesser Yeniay, and a fabulous coven of other women’s voices.











About the Author

GRACE BAUER's history of resistance began when a nun told her that the greatest thing a girl could grow up to be was a virgin. Having failed at that particular life goal, she became a poet instead. Her books include MEAN/TIME, The Women at the Well, Nowhere All At Once, Retreats & Recognitions, as well as several chapbooks. She hates being called Miss, Ma’am, or Little Lady, but these days, takes nasty as a compliment. The idea for this anthology came to her in the shower.

As the first female George Bennett Fellow in Writing at newly coed Phillips Exeter Academy in the 1970s, JULIE KANE got mighty tired of hearing “fellow” jokes. Fast forward four decades, and it looks like déjà vu all over again. A past National Poetry Series winner, Fulbright Scholar, and Poet Laureate of Louisiana, she has published four books and two chapbooks of poetry, including Rhythm & Booze and Paper Bullets.



I’ve lost a uterus, a gall bladder,
and a man with a mustache
who would have been my husband.
I gave the dress away, sold the ring,
became an evangelist stripper.

Now, I mix salves from secret recipes
at the Rosebud Perfume Company,
founded in 1892. I love old stuff,
even Jell-O, the way
its jewel colors tremble and glow.

Mornings, I dab vanilla extract
on my nipples to jump-start my day.
Sometimes I wink at younger men
from my lavender hearse.
A goddess needs space for accessories.

—Shirley J. Brewer