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MOUNTAIN & FLOWER: Selected Poems of Mykola Vorobiov  •  Translated from the Ukrainian by Maria G. Rewakowicz
The River People
MY MOTHER’S RED FORD  •  New & Selected Poems 1986 – 2020
MY MOTHER’S RED FORD • New & Selected Poems 1986 – 2020  
  Roy Bentley

ISBN 978-1-7333400-6-9     $24  /  $28.95 (Canada)     6” x 9"       

248 pp      
PUB DATE: September 2020       Featured Poetry


ROY BENTLEY’S My Mother’s Red Ford: New & Selected Poems 1986 – 2020 represents his first six books, four of which won or distinguished themselves in national competitions. According to Kate Fox, writing of Walking with Eve in the Loved City, selected as a finalist for the Miller Williams Poetry Prize by Billy Collins in 2018: “Readers of the Dayton, Ohio native’s previous collections—Boy in a Boat, Any One Man, The Trouble with a Short Horse in Montana, and Starlight Taxi—will recognize many of the people and places in Walking with Eve in the Loved City: Bentley’s ancestors, Dayton’s Comanche Drive, Sonny and Bobby Osborne, Roy’s Shell Station, Jupiter, Florida, and Fleming-Neon, Kentucky. All are elevated through the loving crucible of memory and language to divine status.”

“There are many things I love about Roy Bentley’s poetry: the rich storytelling and family histories, how he turns cultural moments into iconic mile markers, how he weaves the personal with the public or political, but mostly it’s the language. His syntax turns and stops, rushes and pivots like no other poet alive. Reading Roy Bentley is like watching a sky full of starlings swoop above trees, each one carrying its own tune, but when they come together, oh, what a song.”

—Grant Clauser, Winner of the 2019 Codhill Press Pauline Uchmanowicz Poetry Award for Muddy Dragon on the Road to Heaven

About the Author

Roy Bentley

Roy, 2020ROY BENTLEY is the author of Walking with Eve in the Loved City (University of Arkansas Press), a finalist for the Miller Williams Poetry Prize, and Starlight Taxi (Lynx House Press), which won the Blue Lynx Poetry Prize. Other books include The Trouble with a Short Horse in Montana (White Pine Press), which was the winner of the White Pine Press Poetry Prize, Any One Man (Bottom Dog), and Boy in a Boat (University of Alabama), which won the University of Alabama Press Poetry Series. He has received fellowships from the Florida Division of Cultural Affairs, the Ohio Arts Council, and the NEA.


Starlight Taxi

I’m the Good Son who stood at his bedside
with the wad of paper towels for the blood,

and for the last applause of his ruined lungs.
He may have suffered before falling back

and a crown of thorns of sweat beads paraded
across the window filling with the hospital bed

and him, my father, in a white J.C. Penney t-shirt
stitched to start of night. You could say his death,

the track of it, included one sequin-pearl of spit
at mouth’s edge, a blushing star whose shit job

was to transport that aggregate of light and dark
to wherever it, they, go after moments like that.

You could say his settled face acquired a pallor
pinned to the flesh, a look of winded surrender

part fear of not being in the world, part release,
the eyes suddenly the color of dry-ice smoke.

—Roy Bentley