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THIS DREAM THE WORLD: New & Selected Poems
NASTY WOMEN POETS: An Unapologetic Anthology of Subversive Verse
A FIELD OF FOUNDLINGS: Selected Poems of Iryna Starovoyt  
  Iryna Starovoyt • Translated from Ukrainian by Grace Mahoney

ISBN 978-0-9981963-4-3    $18  /  $21 (Canada)    5.5 x 8.5   88 pp   SEPT 2017    Book Release Featured Poetry


In A Field of Foundlings, Starovoyt investigates Ukraine’s suppressed generational memory of the 20th century and the new context of its retelling in Eastern Europe. Drawing on the paradoxes of mythology, technology, and tradition, Starovoyt brings the traces of undesirable histories and the minefields of memory into unexpected constellations that interrogate assertions of knowledge and meaning-making in our world today. In a time where the chaos and power of forces beyond our own seem to diminish the potency of the past, Starovoyt’s poems invoke a conscious dialogue with a past that is not severed from the ever-changing present, but echoes in our sense of self, brings some continuity to our daily decisions, and orients us toward the future.

A Field of Foundlings is the first volume in Lost Horse Press’ dual-language series of Contemporary Ukrainian Poetry.


About the Author

Iryna Starovoyt • Translated from Ukrainian by Grace Mahoney

IRYNA STAROVOYT is a poet, essayist, and Associate Professor in the Department of Cultural Studies at Ukrainian StarovoytCatholic University. Born in Lviv, Ukraine, she made her poetry debut with the book, No Longer Limpid, which was well received by critics and reserved her a place within the new generation of writers since Ukraine’s independence. Starovoyt’s work has been featured in several poetry anthologies and individual poems have been translated and published in Polish, Lithuanian, English, and Armenian, and set to music. Starovoyt was a Research Associate on the “Memory at War” project in the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures at the University of Groningen (2012-2013), the Netherlands, where she completed her 2014 collection of poetry, The Groningen Manuscript.


GRACE MAHONEY is an emerging translator of Ukrainian and Russian literature. She is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures at the University of Michigan. This is her first book of translations. Grace Mahoney is also the Series Editor for the Lost Horse Press Contemporary Ukrainian Poetry Series. GraceMahoney

The grass under the scythe is still alive at the roots,
but the stems are left senseless and dead.
The grass bleeds green, and can neither speak nor keep silent.
Losing their language, words grow in power.

Сінокосна трава у корінні іще жива,
але стеблами мертва не-боли-голова.
Тратить кров зеленаву, не знає мовчати ні мовити.
Позбуваючись мови, прибувають на силі слова.